There’s this guy…

He’s like my world. He’s my everything. As cliche as this may sound, he is my life. He’s the first person i think of when i wake up and the last person i think of before i go to dreamland. I love him more than he knows. I sacrificed a lot of things and left people just for him and for him to not leave me. It’s been 3 days and I’ve been thinking if we really are meant for one another. I don’t believe that just cause you guys are together for so long then you’ll get married in the future. I don’t think he loves me that much anymore. The spark is gone. I still want those trembling knees, heart-in-my-mouth, butterflies-in-my-belly feeling but i don’t feel them anymore. I want the sparks back. I want him to make me feel loved again. I feel like crap right now and i don’t know how long this will last but i hope it ends soon because i hate this feeling. I love him.

tú eres tonto y antipatico.

tiwala at puso lang :)

I don’t like it when girls get hurt because their boy cheats on them. I know the feeling. And it’s the worst.

Whenever I hear a story about people cheating on their partners, I get so mad at everybody that I think of stabbing everyone to death. ugh cheaters should die.

I’m doing this to torture myself

i need someone who understands :(

I need to let this out.

I don’t know what to do anymore. I love my boyfriend so much I can’t fathom why he was able to cheat on me. Yup, he cheated on me. Two fucking years that was full of lies and cheating. He cheated on me twice and it happens 4 months before we have our anniversary. Sobrang sakit. Sobrang sobrang sobrang sakit. Hindi ko na alam ano dapat kong gawin. Sobrang mahal ko siya kaya di ko siya maiwan kahit na sobrang gusto ko na mag-give up. Nalaman ko to nung June na, 3 days before our anniversary and sobrang sakit. Hindi ko kinaya yung sakit eh? Mahal na mahal ko siya tapos ganito lang igaganti niya sakin? Tangina napakatanga kong tao. 

I told myself I will help myself get over the issue so that we’ll have a happy relationship. But ano? It’s still the same. Everything’s still the same. He never made an effort to show me that he’s really sorry. He never showed me how much he love me. I’ve already told him what I want him to do but nada, he’s not doing anything. I was really proud that out of his group friends we are the ones who has the longest relationship. I brag him to everyone. About how good looking and nice he is and this is what I get for doing those. 

Mahal ko siya pero ang sakit sakit talaga.

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